You are a proud Ahmadi. Ahmadis are strong because of our belief and because we have a spiritual father (Huzur) who keeps praying for us. There is nothing in this world you cannot do if you put your mind to it. If you are going through a very delicate stage of your life, where you are learning new things and are exposed to social pressure, anxiety and much more. Pause! …….. Think about Almighty Allah, think about who you are and think about Huzur (aba) and how much he loves you – what does he want us to do? Remember if Huzur is our spiritual Father, the Jama’at is our spiritual family and you should always stay connected to this spiritual family.

A good place to start your spiritual journey is MTA and trying to establish all 9 habits in your life. Then the resources given here are another form of getting some knowledge. But what will really save you from all bad influences/satanic thoughts and bad friends, is if you keep attached to the Jama’at. Attend every function in the Jama’at, your Atfal Class, Tahir Academy and local, regional and national ijtema. Offer as many Salats as you can in the Masjid/Salat Center and pray for yourself as well.

We have tried to make it a bit easier so you can go through the minimum of these 9 habits we’ll love to have you inculcate (make part of your life). You should always write to Huzur for prayers and if you need to talk to anyone from this spiritual family, we are always here for you as well. Majlis Atfal ul Ahmadiyya team is here for you. Call, email, text, tweet us!

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What can I do

  • Stay connected with Jamaat and Majlis. Never miss your Atfal Class and Tahir Academy.
  • Keep visiting Atfal website, check Twitter
  • You should know your local Nazim Atfal very well. Talk to him. See if you are not running behind on anything.
  • Come to Local, Regional and National Ijtemas
  • Try to find like-minded Ahmadi friends – this will go long way
  • Make a pledge to work on your 9 Habits. Memorize them by heart
    • Pick one which you feel you are really bad at; come up with a plan for next 30 days and see how you can adopt one of the good habits.
    • Read the section “What Atfal can do” under the habit(s) and see if you can use one of the tips we have given
  • Offer you Salat and ask Allah for help and guidance

Videos & Resources