👤Secretary Umoomi: Uthman Momen

📧 Email: umoomi@atfalusa.org


General Affairs

The Umoomi department of Majlis Atfal-ul-Ahmadiyya is tasked with ensuring the smooth operation of all other Atfal departments and with the collection of monthly Atfal reports from local Majalis.

Departmental Goals

  • 100% Local Amila established. 
  • Conduct Regional Orientation/Intro Sessions in All regions.
  • 50% Majalis are conducting their Amila Meeting once a month.
  • Ensure 100% monthly report submission. 
  • Conduct National Atfal Refresher Course. 
  • Ensure Nazimeen, Regional have easy access to necessary information – Info center, helpful documents & resources on google drive & website.
  • Ensure development & distribution of monthly task sheet. 
  • Ensure inclusion of departmental goals in the monthly tasks.