Atfal Pledge

Pledging loyalty to nation and Islam

Nazimeen Center

 Nazimeen Handbook 2016 for Qaideen and Nazimeens

Reporting Center

Submit monthly Atfal report


The Umoomi department of Majlis Atfal-ul-Ahmadiyya is tasked with ensuring the smooth operation of all other Atfal departments and with the collection of monthly Atfal reports from local Majalis.

Monthly Focus

The monthly focus of Umoomi department is procuring hundred percent Atfal reports.

Department Goal

  • Monthly Reports
  • Large majalis must hold monthly Local Atfal Amla meetings
  • All majalis must hold quarterly Parent/Teacher meetings where the Nazim Atfal and Murabbi Atfal would discuss the tifl’s progress with parents (Atfal Class attendance, Sports, Taleem syllabus/challenges/etc)

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Waleed Sial

Secretary Umoomi