The following are the minimum criteria which must be met by a majlis in order to be in the Alm-e-Inami ranking.

(Additional criteria will be used to assign points)

✓ 30% of Mayar-e-Sagheer and 50% of Mayar-e-Kabeer must be offering 5 daily prayers regularly

✓ 90% of Atfal should have completed the Qāʻidah Yassarnal Qur’an

✓ 40% of Mayar-e-Sagheer and 70% of Mayar-e-Kabeer must be reciting the Holy Qur’an daily

✓ 40% of Mayar-e-Sagheer and 80% of Mayar-e-Kabeer must know the entire Salat with translation

✓ 40% of Mayar-e-Kabeer must know the entire Salat with translation

✓ 30% of the Tajneed must listen to the weekly Friday Sermon of Huzoor (aba)

✓ All 12 Monthly Reports must be submitted to Markaz, out of which 10 reports must be on time

✓ At least 2 Atfal classes should be conducted every month

✓ 100% Atfal in the majlis must participate in Atfal chanda

✓ 50% of the Tajneed must complete the Atfal Survey

Representation in the Local Ijtema:

✓ 50% of the Tajneed must be present in the Local Ijtema of the Majlis.

✓ Representation in the National Ijtema:
✓ National Ijtema attendance:
10% of Tajneed for Northwest & Southwest regions

30% of Tajneed for Gulf region

35% of Tajneed for Midwest & Great Lakes Regions

50% of Tajneed for Northeast and Southeast Regions

75% of Tajneed for East, NY Metro, Virginia & Muqami regions

Alm-e-Inami department breakdown