Atfal Ijtema Syllabus 2017 Download PDF

IMPORTANT: Information about Tahir Academy & Atfal Classes

Let’s simplify this! Tahir Academy and Atfal Classes are not substitute to one another, in fact, Tahir Academy is introduced to complement Auxiliary Classes by providing structure, funding, resources and shielding from competing events at a local level.


  • Same Syllabus for non-Tahir Academy and within Tahir Academy. Taleem Portion of our classes are now taught by Tahir Academy administration under the guidance of National Tahir Academy committee. Atfal Syllabus is from Level 2 thru 6.
  • For Tarbiyyat and other auxiliary-specific content, every Tahir Academy has 30 to 40 minutes where National Atfal team has provided up to four agenda per month. For non-Tahir Academy Classes, we provide a 3 hours class agendas below.


  • Tahir Academy takes their own exams, however, Atfal and Nasirat will hold exams together on November 18th and March 24th from Level 2 through Level 6. These are due to the instructions of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih (aba). Results are also sent to Huzur (May Allah be his Helper)

Taleem Syllabus

Unified Atfal Syllabus should be used by all Atfal Classes & Tahir Academies.


Atfal Class Agendas

For the Atfal classes outside of Tahir Academy, please visit the Atfal class page by clicking the link below and review all the agendas that are uploaded for your benefit for the rest of the class year.


Tahir Academy Class Agendas

Tahir academy is a Jama’at Tarbiyyat department initiative allowing a robust platform for auxiliaries to hold classes. Every Tahir Academy session will have at least 30-minute Atfal Class where following agendas must be followed.

Rashid Waraich

Secretary Taleem


Atfal Exams

Inshallah, Exams will be conducted twice a year. First Exam on December 2nd, 2016 & second on March 24th, 2017. 70% of exam will be from study guide below and 30% will be derived from weekly class agendas, agenda powerpoints, agenda ANN Videos etc…

Study Guide: Download

National Atfal Ijtema - Syllabus

Ijtema Syllabus 2017

The ijtema syllabus is published and put out on the website a few months in advance before the ijtema time begins every year.


Ijtema Results

The following is a link to the results of all the competitions for the Atfal ijtema for 2016. Please visit this in case you were looking for these results.

Alhamdolillah, MKA USA, Lajna Ima’illah USA and Jama’at Tarbiyyat Department have worked very closely and have come up with a new National Syllabus for Atfal and Nasirat. You may download a copy of the updated syllabus by hovering over the “Taleem Syllabus” image section above. Immediately starting all Atfal Classes will be using the new syllabus. Moreover, same Syllabus is being used at local Tahir Academies. Atfal Exams and Ijtema Syllabus will also be derived from this new Syllabus.  Currently, “Basics of Religious Education”, 5th Edition (2008) compiled by Shaikh Abdul Hadi (AKA Canada Book) is used a resource guide.

  • You must hold at least two or a maximum of four Atfal Classes per month with or without a Tahir Academy (Atfal class is mandatory)
    • 2 – 3 hours class is required for a Regular Atfal Class (without a Tahir Academy)
    • 30 – 40 minutes class is required for Tahir Academy and agenda should be followed
  • You must proctor and complete the Atfal Exam as soon as possible for Atfal in your tajneed after it is published as they are sent to Huzur (aba)

Who Do I Contact for Question

  • General Questions:
  • National Sec. Taleem:
    • Absar Alam at
  • Atfal Class Orders:
    • Ata-ul-Aleem Chauhdry at
  • Questions about Tahir Academy:
    • Mohtamim Atfal, Mirza Harris Ahmad at


  • All Atfal Class Agendas for Tahir Academy and Regular Atfal Classes are uploaded
  • Atfal Exams are being work on and inshallah will have the Study Guide available soon.
  • First Exam: November 18th
  • Second Exam: March 24th

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