Taleem Syllabus

Unified Taleem syllabus for atfal classes

Class Agenda

Atfal class agendas

Ijtema Syllabus

2018 Local, Regional & National Atfal Ijtema Syllabus

Monthly Focus

  • Hold minimum 2 Atfal classes a month in your majlis
  • Hold 1 Atfal day every month

Department Goals

  • You must hold at least two or a maximum of four Atfal Classes per month with or without a Tahir Academy (Atfal class is mandatory)
    • 2 – 3 hours class is required for a Regular Atfal Class (without a Tahir Academy)
    • 30 – 40 minutes class is required for Tahir Academy and agenda should be followed
  • You must proctor and complete the Atfal Exam as soon as possible for Atfal in your tajneed after it is published as they are sent to Huzur (aba)

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Secretary Taleem

Rashid Waraich