Secretary Tarbiyyat: Faizan Mughni

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Our main goal is to provide all the tools and means necessary for the Tarbiyyat and moral upbringing of all Atfal. This mission includes but not limited to faciltating and implementing Tarbiyyat programs for Atfal and their parents. We strive to provide best guidelines for Nazimeen Atfal so that they can accomplish Tarbiyyat goals at their Majlis level. We work diligently with parents to ensure Tarbiyyat guidelines are being followed from the comfort of their homes on a personal level as well. We seek your help to better understand your child’s Tarbiyyat needs.

2023 Departmental Goals

    • Create a Tarbiyyat survey and make 100% atfal to submit it.
    • Local Meeting dedicated to importance of Salat (including short videos from Atfal)
    • Conducting Ashara Salat (with the Jamaat Ashara Salat)
    • Create a weekly quiz on Friday Sermon of Huzur (aba).
    • Create 10 challenges for Atfal to be completed in the first ten days of the new year. 
    • Create tarbiyyat related challenges to be done during the Holy month of Ramadan.


The words of Allah! His message, His guidance, His teachings for entire humanity. The Book which brings light into darkness; brings spiritually dead to life…. this is the Holy Quran. An Ahmadi Tifl cannot fight the ills of society and satan without the guidance in this Holy Book.


A habit if not adopted at an early age comes back many years in future to haunt us, Truthfulness is a virtue every Ahmadi Muslim must have. Satan loves and adores lies; lets show the world that an Ahmadi Muslim child speaks truth and will continue to do so forever.

A blessing that no Ahmadi can ever be grateful enough to Almighty Allah for – Khilafat is the cornerstone of our lives. Love and affection of our beloved Imam as well as his guidance is instrumental in our daily lives. That man of God speaks to us every week – yes, to you my dear Atfal & Parents! Cherish it, and listen to his words.


When Huzur (May Allah be his helper) talks to us every week through his Friday Sermons, isn’t it upon us to write him back – say Labaik to him. Tell him that you, the future of Ahmadiyyat will always fulfill his pledge of allegiance to Khilafat Every tifl needs to make a serious commitment to make it a habit of writing regularly to Hazur (aba)


MTA offers a wealth of programs for Atfal for their tarbiyyati and taleem improvement. And Huzur (may Allah be His Helper) has guided every Ahmadi Muslim to make it habit now to regularly watch it – even suggesting at least One hour a day. Let’s find a way to fit MTA in our daily lives. An Ideal Tifl always strives to watch MTA on a regular basis.

Hard work is so important for Atfal that is is part of your Pledge. Almighty Allah also rewards people who do hard work with good intentions. Atfal should instill a habit of hard work at an early age which will not only benefit them, but their success will also be beneficial for Jama’at and community in general.


Financial Sacrifice/Chanda comes in many forms and amounts but the blessings are indeed infinite. Financial sacrifice also protects us from many harms and should be given on a regular basis. Atfal should pay their Atfal Chanda ($20), Waqf-e-Jadid, Tehrike-e-Jadid and Sadqa.


It is very important to take care of the elderly, paying them due respect, and never neglecting them. It is our moral, social and religious duty to always be at their service and give them a helping hand during their old age. This habit ensures that future generations will inshallah also have this noble habit if it is instilled in our youth.

The second pillar of Islam; the one which becomes obligatory at age 10 and recommended at age 7; the one which connects us to our Creator; the one which is the heart & soul of our worship. Inculcate this habit as it protects from evil and shuns wrongdoings.