Murrabi Atfal: Ijaz Khokhar

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Murrabi Atfal

The Tajneed department strives to consistently keep our member database up to date to ensure that other departments are able to accurately reach out to Atfal across the nation and gauge the success of their initiatives. 

  1. Inculcate the habit of performing Salat five times a day and continuously encourage attendance at Mosques or Salat Centers
  2. Take responsibility for the religious and secular education of our Atfal. The minimum expectations is that all Atfal know the Salat with translation and are proficient in reading the Holy Quran.
  3. Become the champion/advocate of the mission and goals of Majlis Atfalul Ahmadiyya in your local Jama’at and share these with all Jama’at members.
  4. Actively engage parents of Atfal and ensure that their sons are fully participating in different Atfal programs.

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