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Listen to the latest Friday Sermon by Hazrat Khalifatul Masih (May Allah be his helper) Click here to listen/read the latest Friday Sermon.

Atfal Class Agendas

Atfal Class Agendas

Local Majalis should hold regular Atfal Classes every month. Click below to view your weekly Atfal Class agenda:


Ask Imam

Do you have a question? “Ask Imam” is here for you. Ask us any question you have and we will answer on-air.


Atfal Taleem Syllabus

Unified Atfal Syllabus should be used by all Atfal Classes & Tahir Academies.


Atfal Ijtema 2017

Did you attend the National Ijtema 2017? Over 300 attendees enjoyed the 4 days of the Ijtema this year.

9 Habits of an Ideal Tifl

Are you an Ideal Tifl? What is an Ideal Tifl? Let’s find out at least 9 simple habits you must have to become an #IdealTifl.


Al-Bashir, a Magazine for Atfal by Majlis Atfalul Ahmadiyya USA.


Our Journey to Ahmadiyyat

Book Project of Atfalul Ahmadiyya – What’s your story of Ahmadiyyat? How did Ahmadiyyat entered your family? A way to connect with Jamat’s progress thru the stories of pioneers who paved the way for us.
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Monthly News & Annoucements

Ramadan Challenge 2017

We will be running a Ramadan Challenge through the month of Ramadan so that we can help and motivate Atfal to stay on track of their Ramadan goals.

Al Bashir - Issue 3

Submit your stories/articles for Al Bashir magazine ASAP on the theme of Salat.

Ask Imam

S03E01: Islam and the Concept of Evolution!

 Stories of the Faithful
A Book Project of Atfalul Ahmadiyya USA
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Atfal Class Package

Every Tifl Needs One


Daily Reciters Club (Quran)