Tifl Post

Atfal news and announcements for the entire USA Jamaat


Semi-annual magazine for Atfal – Summer 2017

Journey to Ahmadiyyat

What’s your story of Ahmadiyyat? How did Ahmadiyyat entered your family? Share your story now!


The national Atfal department of USA is to oversee all publications online and print, online applications, and social presence of Majlis including, but not limited to  Twitter, Flickr, and Instagram etc…

Monthly Focus

  • Al-Bashir
  • Began compiling “Journey to Ahmadiyyat”
  • Biweekly Tifl Post
  • Twitter presence

Department Goals

  • Atfal must contribute articles to other publications, such as Al-Hilal, Ahmadiyya Gazette, Atfal website (stories, articles, games, jokes, videos and pictures etc).
  • Atfal should write to Newspapers throughout the year through the help of MASQ. The Atfal should write 2 Letters per Majlis/Year


Contact Isha'at

Imam Feroz Hundal

Secretary Isha’at