👤Secretary Isha’at: Noor Mohammed

📧 Email: ishaat@atfalusa.org

Isha'at / pronounce /  ee.shaat


The National Atfal Isha’at department oversees all of the Majlis’ online and print publications, online applications, and social presence.

Be on the lookout for our upcoming publications including Al Bashir Magazine, Stories of the Prophets storybooks, and the Badri Sahaba book series.

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Departmental Goals

  • Atfal are encouraged to contribute articles to Al Bashir magazine and other publications such as Al-Hilal, Ahmadiyya Gazette, Review of Religions and the Atfal website (stories, articles, games, jokes, videos and pictures etc).
  • Atfal are encouraged to write to newspapers throughout the year through the help of MASQ


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