The Friends of the Elderly campaign is an initiative where Atfal speak to elderly members of their local Jamaat to help them cope through the pandemic and beyond. It is inspired by Huzur (ABA)’s advice to the National Amila of Canada that “contact with one another should be stronger than ever before” during this COVID 19. The Covid 19 pandemic has caused many of our Elders to feel lonely and isolated. Atfal should frequently contact their elders to brighten their days.

Purpose: Atfal to check in on elders during and beyond the COVID 19 pandemic and learn the importance of serving humanity.


To participate:

  1. Ask your parents or Nazim Atfal to speak to an elderly jamaat member about this program and provide you the elderly member’s phone number – 5 minutes
  2. Call your paired Elder once a month. Have enjoyable discussions and brighten their day! We have made conversation starters for you (below) – 10-30 minutes
  3. Fill out this google form (also below) once you have called your Elderly member at least once – 3 minutes

That’s it! You will learn from the wisdom of our respected elders and they will surely enjoy your company! Best of all, you are following beloved Huzur (aba)’s instructions and serving Allah’s creation.


During a virtual mulaqat with Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih V (may Allah be his Helper), Huzoor spoke about the need to have contact amongst one another during the time of pandemic 

Learn more about the Friends of the Elderly campaign from two Los Angeles Atfal who have been enjoying the company of their paired Elder by participating in this fruitful campaign!

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Talking points