My purpose in organizing the organizations of Ansarullah and Khuddam ul Ahmadiyya is to complete the four walls of our building. One wall is Ansarullah. The second wall is Khuddam ul Ahmadiyya and the third wall is Atfal ul Ahmadiyya. The fourth wall is Lajna Imaillah.

[Hadhrat Musleh Maood (ra) – 23 August 1940]


  • 10 minutes: Tilawat and Pledge (all Atfal)
  • 30 minutes: Atfal Amila Meeting
  • 30 minutes: Letters to Huzoor (write individual letters)
  • 15 minutes: Break/Snacks
  • 30 minutes: Atfal should do a 5-7 minutes presentation on each Khalifa of Ahmadiyyat
  • 60 minutes: Do one of the following:
    • Option 1: Attend Khilafat Day – Listen and Learn
    • Option 2: Show presentation of Atfal London Trip 2017 to visit Hazrat Khalifat ul Masih (v)(aba) (Coming after May 8th)
      • This needs to be planned in advance and you will need chaperones.


  • Select ANY day in the month
  • NOT the same day as Tahir Academy
  • Murabbi Atfal should actively be involved