Secretary Tarbiyyat

Adil Ahmad

Department Naibeen

Abdul Moiz Khan
Ayoon Butt
Abdul-Wahab Khan Lughmani


Our main goal is to provide all of the tools and means necessary for the Tarbiyyat and moral upbringing of the Atfal. This mission includes but not limited to facilitating and implementing Tarbiyyat programs for Atfal and their parents. We strive to provide best guidelines for Nazimeen Atfal so that they can accomplish Tarbiyyat goals at their Majilis level. We work diligently with parents to ensure Tarbiyyat guidelines are being followed from the comfort of their homes on a personal level as well. We seek your help to better understand your child's Tarbiyyat needs.

Department Goals

  • Increase observance of Daily Salat
  • Conducting monthly Atfal Tarbiyyat Classes
  • Creating Tarbiyyat Surveys
  • Weekly Friday Sermon Quiz
  • Ramadan Challenge
  • Writing letters to Huzoor (aba)