The following are the minimum criteria which must be met by a majlis in order to be in the Alm-e-Inami ranking.

Alm-e-Inami Criteria

(Additional criteria will be used to assign points)

35% of Mayar-e-Sagheer and 55% of Mayar-e-Kabeer must be offering 5 daily prayers regularly

90% of Atfal should have completed the Qāʻidah Yassarnal Qur’an

40% of Mayar-e-Sagheer and 70% of Mayar-e-Kabeer must be reciting the Holy Qur’an daily

35% of Mayar-e-Sagheer and 75% of Mayar-e-Kabeer must know the entire Salat in Arabic

35% of Mayar-e-Kabeer must know the entire Salat with translation

30% of the Tajneed must listen to the weekly Friday Sermon of Huzoor (aba)

All 12 Monthly Reports must be submitted to Markaz, out of which 10 reports must be on time (Local Nazimeen, Murabbi Atfal)

At least 2 Atfal Taleem classes should be conducted every month

At least 9/12 Atfal Tarbiyyat classes must be held

100% Atfal in the majlis must participate in Atfal chanda

50% of the Tajneed must complete the Atfal Survey

Representation in the Local Ijtema:

70% of the Tajneed attendance at local Ijtema

Representation in the National Ijtema:

West Coast [10%]
Mid-USA – South [25%]
Mid-USA – North [30%]
East Coast [40%]
Nearby [75%]

Alm-e-Inami Rankings

Atfal 2022-23 Final Rankings