Secretary Umoomi

Shakeel Ahmad

Department Naibeen

Faraz Akbar
Raheel Abeiku Yanful
Taaha Ibraheem Sulman
Sarmad Maqsood


The Umoomi department of Majlis Atfalul Ahmadiyya is tasked with ensuring the smooth operation of all other Atfal departments and with the collection of monthly Atfal reports from local Majalis.

Department Goals

  • Establishing Local Amila in all Majalis.
  • Ensure 100% Monthly Report Submission.
  • Conducting National & Regional Atfal Refresher Courses.
  • Ensure Local & Regional Nazimeen Atfal & Murabbiyan Atfal have easy access to necessary information.
  • Developing Monthly Task Sheet.
  • Publish Quarterly Alm-e-Inami Rankings.

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