How to participate

  1. Pick a plant you would like to grow
  2. Purchase your materials
    1. Seed/Plantling
    2. Pot (if needed)
    3. Fertilized soil
  3. Take a picture or record yourself planting the seed. Directions on planting here
  4. Submit your picture or video [SUBMISSIONS OPEN: April 15th – July 15th]


  • Majlis/Majalis with participation of Atfal above 80% will get awards for every tifl in the majlis.
  • Atfal who plant 5 trees/plants will get $20 gift cards.

During a virtual mulaqat with Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih V (may Allah be his Helper), Huzoor instructed Atfal, Khuddam, and Waqaf-e-Nau to plant trees to counteract deforestation and climate change.

Deforestation is the clearing, or cutting down, of forests. The word is normally used to describe the actions of humans in removing forests from the planet, rather than destruction caused by such natural events such as hurricanes. To support the growing population, we cut down trees to make room for farming, houses, or factories.

Trees and other green plants produce oxygen, the gas needed by humans and other animals to live. When trees are cut down, less oxygen is released into the atmosphere. Trees also capture carbon dioxide, one of the gases that contribute to a problem known as global warming. When they are burned, trees release carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere. In order for us to work against global warming, we have to plant more trees than we cut down.

To act upon the instructions of beloved Huzoor, Majlis Atfalul Ahmadiyya USA and Waqaf-e-Nau department USA are organizing an Atfal Tree Planting Challenge.

The goal of this challenge is to encourage each Tifl to grow plants in their backyard/garden or even inside their home in a pot. This will allow Atfal to learn how to plant, support the planet, and may even lead them to picking up a new hobby.


For any information or questions, contact: