Atfal Taleem Challenge 2021


Jzakallah for all the hard work from parents and Atfal and the enthusiasm everyone showed. Below is the list of winners for each competition. Winners will get Amazon Gift Cards as a prize:

  1. 1st Prize – $50 Gift Card
  2. 2nd Prize – $30 Gift Card
  3. 3rd Prize – $15 Gift Card

If you are the winner, to claim the prize, please submit the Google Form so the prizes can be sent to you. If anyone has any questions, please email at




Q: What if a tifl turned 12 years old recently, will he participate in the Hilal or Qamar age group?

A: Hilal. Choose the age group tifl was at November 1st.

Q: Will the Atfal be allowed grace time for Salam, Tawuz, and Tasmiya at the beginning of the speech?

A: A grace time of 20 secs will be allowed. For example, Sitara and Hilal speech time is 2 mins. They can take up to 2min and 20 secs.

Last updated: 10:30pm EST, 9/19/2021