Secretary Tajneed: Hasan Qureshi

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The Tajneed department strives to consistently keep our member database up to date to ensure that other departments are able to accurately reach out to Atfal across the nation and gauge the success of their initiatives. 

2023 Departmental Goals

  • Finish National Tajneed update that was started last year
  • Ensure Tajneed data lines up with data used in other departments
  • Reconcile Atfal Tajneed with Jamaat Tajneed
  • Encourage Nazim Atfal to regularly update and look over Tajneed
  • Finish sending out all pending Atfal welcome packages

Tajneed Database

Tajneed database link:

Sign in email – For local nazimeen: (ex.

For regional nazimeen: (ex.

Password – Exact same password used for logging into your atfalusa email.

Member code – A member code is required to enter the database, if you member code does not work please contact Secretary Tajneed.