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  • Take attendance every Atfal class.
  • Call Atfal that do not come to verify activity.
  • Call Atfal that are labelled inactive in El Hesab to reestablish activity, if possible.
  • If majlis very small, contact Atfal to verify activity.
  • At the end of month, update Tajneed on El Hesab:
    • Boys becoming Atfal.
    • Any other circumstance related to loss or addition of Atfal.
    • Atfal becoming Khuddam.
    • Atfal moving away to another majlis.
    • Atfal moving to majlis.
  • All updates should also be forwarded to local majlis Tajneed secretary.
  • Qaid should work closely with Nazim Atfal in this venture, especially when updating El Hesab.

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  • Qaideen/Nazimeen will be called once a year to verify Tajneed is up to date.
    • Calls will be in 2 week intervals.
    • Atfal Tajneed secretary will recruit at least 3 other people to help.
  • Any information missing on El Hesab should be obtained.
  • Process should not take more than 3 months.
  • Should occur at the beginning of new year.

[/vc_wp_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Parents & Children” tab_id=”1457504716750-3325a4dc-816c”][vc_wp_text]

  • When moving to majlis, notify Qaid and Nazim Atfal immediately about your children.
  • Provide them with at least the following information:
    • Tifl Name
    • Member code
    • DOB
    • Phone #
    • Address
    • Father’s Name
  • Also, please notify local majlis Tajneed secretary in order to update Jamaat Tajneed
  • Updates to Jamaat Tajneed can be made at: http://www.ahmadiyya.us/tajneed-membership