Silver Spring New Year’s Sleepover/Spiritual Fitness Camp

AA Atfal and Parents,

The Jamaat will be organizing a New Year’s sleepover and Spiritual Fitness Camp on the 31st of December. All Atfal are invited to come given that every tifl under the age of 12 is accompanied by a parent at all times. Please register here if you are to attend:



Here is the schedule for the event:

Sun, Dec 31

12PM – Lunch + Registration

1:10PM – Azan

1:20PM – Salat-ul-Zuhr

1:40PM – Opening Session [common session]


Opening/Welcome Address

Announcements/Camp Overview

Questions by audience/participants

Finish up Registration

2:10PM – Etiquettes of Salat/Mosque + Proper Observance of Salat

3:00PM – Azan

3:10PM – Salat-ul-Asr and Dars/Discussion [common session]

3:30PM – Snacks

3:50PM – Outdoor Games

4:50PM – Azan

5:00PM – Salat-ul-Maghrib and Dars/Discussion [common session]

5:20PM – Pre-Marital Life + Proper use of Internet

6:00PM – Snacks

6:20PM – Indoor Games

6:50PM – Azan

7:00PM – Salat-ul-Isha

7:20PM – Q/A Session [common session]

8:20PM – Closing Session


Spiritual Fitness Camp Prize Distribution/Remarks

Survey Distribution

Closing remarks/Dua

9:00PM – Dinner

9:30PM – Jeopardy (boys side)


Monday, Jan 1 

5:15A – Wake up call

5:30A – Congregational Tahajjad

6:05A – Azan for Fajr

6:10A – Salat-ul-Fajr + Dars

6:30A – Breakfast