By the grace of Allah, USA Jama’at is getting a good number of refugee families of Pakistani descendant from Thailand and Sri Lanka. Some of these families have young children including Atfal which may have a language barrier at first. As a Nazim Atfal, Local Qaid or a Regional Qaid, we need to ensure that we don’t deprive anyone from the blessings of our Atfal classes, events etc… because they have may have difficulty communicating.

What can you do:

  • If you have a new refugee family with Atfal, right away welcome them. If you dont know Urdu, take someone with you who does. Take some candies or chocolates for them.
  • Setup a meeting with parents and tifl(atfal) to gauge their level.
  • Reach out to National Atfal team and get guidance on syllabus, exams and other materials. They should be allowed to answer questions in Urdu, give part of exams in Urdu etc…
  • Reach out to National Atfal team and get a Refugee Welcome Package from us.
  • Ask local Jama’at president for any funding to ensure they have supplies for Atfal Class and Tahir Academy.
  • Encourage them, Protect them, Guide them – be a big brother
  • Make sure that they are not bullied and every tifl welcomes them with open arms
  • If you know Urdu or have someone who knows Urdu, utilize all resources to explain the syllabus or lesson plans in Urdu to Atfal.
  • Empower them, give them confidence – they should not have any inferiority complex.