During a recent interview with Review of Religions (link), Beloved Huzoor (aba) referenced the precarious situation facing the world in light of the ongoing Ukraine-Russia conflict.

Specifically, Huzoor (aba) urged local Jama’at members to write letters to U.S. President Biden and other respective leaders “to resist engaging in warfare and not to take measures that will lead to war and that will destroy the world.”


1) Every Jama’at member — man, woman, and youth — should write letters to U.S. President Biden and your local member of Congress (House) and U.S. Senator, as an individual concerned Ahmadi Muslim, about Huzoor (aba)’s message.
2) Using the 3 different sample letters contained in the attached file, please instruct your membership to draft their own personal letter and address it to U.S. President Biden and to local members of Congress in which they reside (the content of the letter to members of Congress can be drawn from the sample letters to U.S. President Biden).
Members can look up the mailing address online for their local member of Congress using this handy resource: https://thesoftedge.com/public-resources/#/legislators/

The letter can be type-written or hand-written (which, in some ways, can be more effective in the age of technology) and mail, fax or email the letter to U.S. President Biden and local members of Congress.  Please do not forget to include your return address.  These should be individual letters (no official Jama’at letterheads).  The sample letters are meant to be a guide, but you may customize or vary the language of the letter slightly as you deem appropriate.  One letter per individual.

3) Submit the form by click on the button below

Please send repeated reminders and make phone calls to your members reminding them of the importance of this task.  Ahmadi youth, especially boys and girls from 7-15, should be especially encouraged to write letters.