• There will be a Atfal discipline team there to help out managing all of the Atfal and their activities
  • Kids will be awaken for Tahajjud and then lead to breakfast
  • The Atfal team will be responsible to make all major announcements for disciplinary actions
  • Any Tifl who will misbehave will be issued a warning/strike. Upon a second strike a picture will be taken and posted on telegram as a “bad apple”. They will not be allowed to participate in any competitions. After 3nd strike parents will be informed. They will then only be allowed to participate after getting a pardon form Nazim-e-Ala.
  • If any two Atfal are found to be fighting with each other, there is no formal warning they will immediately be issued a 2nd strike, a picture will be taken and Parents will be informed.
  • Any Atfal responsible of damaging property will be dealt with directly by Nazim-e-Ala. The Tifl will have to obey any disciplinary action they see fit.
  • No one without permission will be allowed to leave the property. This includes all auxiliaries.
  • MTA office or any area marked as “off limits” shall not be entered. If any Tifl is found in those areas Nazim-e-Ala has the right to discipline them as he sees fit
  • No one is allowed to be outside the prayer hall during any prayers unless given permission or on duty.
  • Lights out are according to the schedule. Please take proper rest in your respective areas. No one is allowed to change their sleeping location without permission. If they request to change sleeping location and are denied, the decision must be accepted or a warning/strike will be issued.
  • If a Tifl is being problematic in the sleeping area, they won’t be allowed to participate in competitions, unless pardon is given by Nazim-e-Ala
  • Please listen to all members of security at the events they are directing you to.
  • Please don’t stand up while using the toilet. Also, clean the sink and wipe the toilet after use, and don’t throw paper towels in the toilet.
  • Every tifl will be assigned chaperones for some activities. You are to follow instructions given to you by your chaperones. If you do not then your chaperone will issue you a warning or strike 1.