Announcement: (To Qaideen & Nazimeen)

Ends at Regional Ijtema per Region

“Majlis Atfal-ul-Ahmaidyya USA is holding an Eid for All Campaign for all Regions in the U.S. Atfal are requested to buy school supplies, toys or books etc (anything that can be sent as Eid Gifts) and give those to their respective local Nazim Atfal or Local Qaid. Our Goal is that Atfal bring these gifts on their Regional Ijtema and all gift items are handed over to the Regional Nazim Atfal or Regional Qaid. Atfal will also sign an Eid Mubarik Wish card that will be sent with their gift. These Gifts are then mailed to Atfal in Marshal Island, Mexico, and Guatemala from Atfal in the U.S.“

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Buying Our Atfal Brothers Eid Gifts

Items includes but are not limited to

Buy Eid Gifts for our Atfal brothers in Marshal Island, Mexico, and Guatemala
These can include Toys, Story books, school supplies etc.

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Step-by-Step Plan

There may be some intermediary steps you will have to take for yourself

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  • With the help of the parents, buy the gifts before their Regional Ijtema
  • If attending the Ijtema, then take it with them and give those to Regional Nazim Atfal
  • If not attending, make sure to give those to Local Nazim Atfal or Local Qaid
  • Atfal should write Eid Mubarik wish cards


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  • Announce to Atfal and Parents
  • Announce at Atfal Class/Tahir Academy
  • Announce at every Juma (Friday) Prayers till Regional Ijtema
  • Collect any Eid Gift items along with the Eid Mubarik card signed by Tifl
  • Take them to Regional Ijtema and hand them over to RNA or Regional Qaid
  • Make sure that the presents are marked with “Gift From” name and majlis of Tifl

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  • RNAs will be owner of this Drive and will make sure to contact each Local Nazim Atfal to make sure that they are on top of this and message has been conveyed to Atfal and Parents
  • Announce at Atfal Class/Tahir Academy
  • RNAs will be responsible of collecting the Gifts and Eid Mubarik Cards at Regional Ijtema
  • RNAs will make sure that all Gifts are gift wrapped and “gift from” name and majlis of the Tifl is on the gift.
  • RNAs will collect all the gift and will contact National Atfal office for further directions on mailing those to their assigned area. These assigned regional areas will be sent to RNAs and RQs in advance.