The Holy Qur’an is a living Book with lessons on what has passed and prophecies about what is to come. It is our daily guide and navigator through a world of doubt and uncertainty. Here is an exciting opportunity to learn more!

The Department of Taleemul Qur’an and Waqf-e-Ardhi (TaQWA) invites you to the East Coast Qur’an Conference for a spiritually rejuvenating weekend packed with educational, fun, and interactive programs for ALL our members. The program will include the following and much more:

  • Workshops and presentations on Holy Qur’an & Science and other hot topics
  • Jeopardy contest (material will be announced for preparation)
  • Panel discussions (submit your questions along with registration, or ask during the event)
  • Lajna Program: Workshop/Panel Discussion (Hadhrat Luqman’s (as) advice to his son from Surah Luqman that draw attention to our daily behaviors and practices, as parents and children)
  • Lajna Program: Poetry Session (Poems in praise of the Holy Qur’an in various languages)
  • Children Program: Memorization and recitation competitions for different age groups

Any gathering where the name of Allah is being praised is blessed by the Almighty Allah. A gathering dedicated solely to learn from his Holy Book has countless blessings that we must all try to gather for ourselves and our loved ones. Please make a special effort to attend this blessed event!

Registration for the 2018 East Coast Quran Conference is now open!

Dates: Saturday, April 07 – Sunday, April 8
Address: Bait-ur-Rehman, Silver Spring, MD

Click here to Register!


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