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  • Recitation of the Holy Qur’an by a Tifl.
  • Translation of the Holy Qur’an by a Tifl.
  • Atfal Pledge, lead by Nazim Atfal or Qaid Majlis. (View Atfal Pledge)
  • Hadith by a Tifl.

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  • Atfal Chanda
  • Taleem Exam coming up in October, download exam study guide. All Atfal must complete the exam, ideally during Atfal class.
  • Make sure Atfal Tarbiyyat Survey has been completed by Atfal atfalusa.org/survey . Survey can be completed on phone or a masjid computer

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  • Discuss the importance of Salat with Atfal. Also review a couple of topics on Salat and Huzur’s quotes from the following latest issue of Al Bashir.
  • Remind Atfal about Al Bashir publication and ask them to go look for it in their house and read other articles by Atfal.
  • Summary of the Friday Sermon – Aug 25

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  1. Take Attendance.
  2. How many Atfal know full Salat?
  3. How many Atfal know full Salat with translation?
  4. How many Atfal offer five daily Prayers/Salat?
  5. How many Atfal recite the Holy Qur’an on daily basis?
  6. How many Atfal recite the Holy Qur’an with Translation on daily basis?
  7. How many Atfal wrote letters to Huzoor (aba) this month?
  8. How many Atfal listened to three or more Friday sermons delivered by Hazoor (aba)?

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