Opening Session

  • Recitation of the Holy Qur’an by a Tifl.
  • Translation of the Holy Qur’an by a Tifl.
  • Atfal Pledge, lead by Nazim Atfal or Qaid Majlis. (View Atfal Pledge)
  • Hadith by a Tifl.

Class Agendas

A reminder to please remember the following objectives before going into today’s lesson plan: Recitation of the Holy Qur’an and the Memorization of Salat.

Regarding the recitation of the Holy Qur’an, please encourage the Atfal to recite daily.

Regarding the memorization of salat, please ensure that each Tifl has a personalized weekly goal for how much to memorize. It is important to help keep each Tifl on track to reach the goal of memorizing the full salat. For Atfal younger than 10 years old the emphasis should be on memorizing salat fully in Arabic. For Atfal older than 10 years, emphasis should be put on memorizing the full salat in Arabic with the English translation. Please ensure that each tifl is keeping up with their goals in this area. Those Atfal who have already memorized salat along with the translation should set goals to memorize some portions of the Holy Qur’an along with the translation.

Please use the beginning of the class to check in on the Atfal and how their progress towards their goals is going.

After checking on the progress of Atfal towards their goals, please divide the class into Mayar e Saghir and Mayar e Kabir.

Class June 11

For Mayar e Saghir, please go through the following portion of the summary of the Friday Sermon from May 26, 2023 and discuss what the Atfal learned from it. Discuss how Atfal can strengthen their relationship and bond with Khilafat (writing letters, listening to Friday Sermon, etc.):

 The Bond of Love Between the Caliph and His Community

His Holiness(aba) said that God fulfilled the promise which He made to the Promised Messiah(as) and continued to lead his Community to the paths of success. His Holiness(aba) said that in this era of his Caliphate, the opponents have tried to create discord and have tried to bring an end to the Community. Ahmadis have been martyred in different countries around the world or given them the lure of worldly things. However, God has continued to increase Ahmadis in their faith, certainty and relationship with the Caliphate. Whether in Asia, Europe, America or Africa, every person’s relationship with the Caliphate has been established by God. There is none other than God Who can create such love in the hearts of people. His Holiness(aba) said that wherever he goes to, in the world, he sees this love in the people. In fact, these things are not just claims, but these testimonies have been preserved by the lenses of a camera.

His Holiness(aba) said that he receives thousands of letters a month which show how God attached people to the Community and Himself establishes a bond of love between them and the Caliphate. His Holiness(aba) said that he would express some examples of such letters.

For Mayar e Kabir please have them read and discuss the following excerpt from Introduction to the Study of the Holy Quran (pg. 265)

The Quran Collected in One Volume

When it was found that five hundred of the reciters of the Quran had been killed

in the battle with Musaylimah’s army, ‘Umar suggested to Abu Bakr (who was then

the Khalifah) that if those who had the Quran by heart began to be lost in battles in

such large numbers, the safeguarding of the purity of its text would become difficult

and that the time had therefore arrived when the whole of the Quran should be

collected in one volume. Abu Bakr at first demurred but eventually accepted the

suggestion and appointed Zayd bin Thabit, being one of those who used to record

the Quran at the dictation of the Holy Prophet, to collect the text of the Quran in

one volume and appointed prominent Companions of the Holy Prophet to assist him

in the task. Abu Bakr directed that the text of the Quran should be collected from its

recorded fragments and that the accuracy of the text should be certified by two

persons who knew the whole of the Quran by heart. This task was soon accomplished

and a written text of the whole of the Quran was got together in one volume, which

was certified as accurate by those who knew it by heart. On the basis of these facts

can there be the slightest ground for suggesting that variations in the text of the

Quran had crept in between the death of the Holy Prophet and the compilation of

the Quran into one volume under the directions of Abu Bakr and the supervision of

Zayd bin Thabit? Can it be reasonably suggested that any difficulty could arise in the

compilation into one volume of a Book which was being continuously recited every

day by large numbers of persons, the whole text of which used to be recited from

beginning to end in the course of the month of Ramadan by persons who had

committed it to memory to the Muslims assembled in congregational prayers, the

congregation itself containing large numbers of people who knew the whole of it by

heart, and which had been reduced to writing at the dictation of the Holy Prophet

himself as the revelation was received from time to time more specially when the task

of compilation was committed to the care of a person who was himself one of the

recorders of the Quran and had committed the whole of it to memory? Had the

compiled volume contained a single variation from the text as dictated by the Holy

Prophet and as committed to memory under his supervision by a large number of

people, it would at once have been detected and set right. The authenticity and

accuracy of the text of the Quran are thus established on the surest and most

irrefutable evidence. The accuracy of the text of no other writing in the world is so

far above the possibility of doubt as that of the Quran. 

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