Opening Session

  • Recitation of the Holy Qur’an by a Tifl.
  • Translation of the Holy Qur’an by a Tifl.
  • Atfal Pledge, lead by Nazim Atfal or Qaid Majlis. (View Atfal Pledge)
  • Hadith by a Tifl.


Before going into today’s lesson please take into account the following objectives: recitation of the Holy Qur’an and the memorization of salat.

Regarding the recitation of the Holy Qur’an, please encourage the Atfal to recite daily.

Regarding the memorization of salat, please ensure that each tifl has a personalized weekly goal for how much to memorize. It is important to help keep each tifl on track to reach the goal of memorizing the full salat. For Atfal younger than 10 years old the emphasis should be on memorizing salat fully in Arabic. For Atfal older than 10 years, emphasis should be put on memorizing the full salat in Arabic with the English translation. Please ensure that each tifl is keeping up with their goals in this area. Those Atfal who have already memorized salat along with the translation should set goals to memorize some portions of the Holy Qur’an along with the translation.

We would also like to emphasize the assigned readings for the Atfal. Please divide the class into 2 age groups. Please read for 10-15 minutes and then have a discussion from the reading. Please encourage the Atfal to review the reading at home.


Class Agendas

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Class December 10/11

After checking on the progress of Atfal towards their goals, please watch the following clip from This Week With Huzoor from 16:18 – 18:50 and then have a quick follow up discussion on what the Atfal learned:


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