[themesingleimage pb_title=”Activity” image=”422″ color=”#006e9e” img_size=”400×400″]No one should be left alone during Eid, a holiday commemorating the concept of sacrifice for each other. Buy Eid Gifts for our Atfal brothers in Marshal Island, Mexico, and Guatemala
These can include Toys, Story books, school supplies etc.

Visit Eid for All[/themesingleimage]

[themesingleimage pb_title=”Nutrition” image=”420″ color=”#006e9e” img_size=”400×400″]We help raise funds for Humanity First (HF) campaigns such as the national walkathon. It is important for us to keep supporting HF because of the multitude of humanitarian benefits it is providing not just for the United States but throughout the world.[/themesingleimage]
[themesingleimage pb_title=”Ask a Doctor” image=”418″ color=”#006e9e” img_size=”400×400″]The elderly are well respected in Islam and taking care of them in whatever way we can is important and it was the tradition of the Holy Prophet (saw). Atfal are encouraged to go as a group or with their parents to visit the elderly in their homes. It will make their day.

Visit Elderly[/themesingleimage]

Alamzeb Khan


Secretary Sehat-e-Jismani

Physical and mental training is just as important as spiritual training for an individual. The department of Sehat-e-Jismani deals with the physical as well as mental health.

  • A day at the park
  • Regional ijtema sporting event
  • National Ijtema sporting event
  • Getting Atfal gear