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Nazimeen Center

nazimeen center
12/01/2013: Revised Handbook for Nazimeen and Murrabiyyan Atfal is added below. Moreover, the Atfal Syllabus is NO longer divided into 9 levels. Syllabus is now provided into four different groups.
2012-2013 Departmental Plans: Atfal Departmental Plan is the complete departmental guide for Nazimeen and Murabiyyan Atfal. 
(Used to be referred as ARC Handbook)
Parent-Teacher Meeting: (More Detail)
Please download the following two documents you need for Parent-Teacher Meeting. 

Local Atfal Amila Template: 
Forming an Atfal Amila is the most critical part of the duties of a Nazim Atfal. We are encouraging that every Nazim Atfal to complete their Local Amila and submit it to National as soon as possible. Please refer to the Departmental Plan document for guidelines.

Local Atfal Tajneed Template: 
Every month, Majlis Atfal-ul-Ahmadiyya provides a report which goes to Hazrat Khalifatul Masih (atba). Having an updated and accurate Tajneed data is vital for our reporting purposes. Please review the Tajneed plan in the Department plan document and submit your Tajneed ASAP.

Atfal Classes Agendas: 
We have created suggestive agendas based on Taleem and Tarbiyyat monthly topics. Please try to follow the agenda to the best of your abilities. More Info