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Majlis Atfal-ul-Ahmadiyya USA

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Inaam Pins


Inaam Pins Home

What does INAAM Pin stands for:

slamic National Atfal Award of Merit

What are INAAM Pins?

Please watch an informational video about INAAM Pins by Majlis Atfal-ul-Ahmadiyya USA. 

List of Pins:

  • FURQAN PIN (Complete the Recitation of Holy Quran before 10 years of age)
  • DISCIPLINE PIN (Attend Atfal classes regularly for 3 months)
  • MEMORY PIN (Memorize last 7 Chapters if between age 7 to 10)
  • MEMORY PIN (Memorize Last 12 Chapters if between age 11 - 12)
  • MEMORY PIN (Memorize Last 15 Chapters and Chapter 87 if between age 13 - 15)
  • SCHOLAR PIN (90% or above for a school year)
  • PRIDE PIN (100 hours of Waqr-e-Amal or Humanitarian Services in one year)
  • ACTIVE PIN (Play a physical sport for 1 hour every day)
  • KHILAFAT PIN (Listen to Huzur's Khutbahs for 3 months regularly) 
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