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Majlis Atfal-ul-Ahmadiyya USA

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Taleem (Education)

Taleem Department


Atfalul Ahmadiyya Syllabus:

Alhamdolillah, MKA USA, Lajna Ima'illah USA and Jama'at Tarbiyyat Department have worked very closely and have come up with a new National Syllabus for Atfal and Nasirat. You may download a copy of the updated syllabus by following the below link. Starting immediately all Atfal Classes will be using the new syllabus. Moreover, same Syllabus is being used at local Tahir Academies. Atfal Exams and Ijtema Syllabus will also be derived from this new Syllabus.  Currently, "Basics of Religious Education", 5th Edition (2008) compiled by Shaikh Abdul Hadi (AKA Canada Book) is used a resource guide.

* A new website is being launched by Atfal USA and an easier to navigate information will be available

Syllabus can be downloaded from here.

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