Online Atfal Taleem Challenge

Video submission is closed now


We have received over 800 videos which were evaluated by 3 judges each. The list of 15-18 qualifiers for the next round/finals per competition and age category is available at the link below.


The schedule for the next round/finals on zoom is below.


  • Please join call with camera, have Atfal come prepared on time with cap (Topi) and Atfal scarf (if available).
  • While for most competitions/age groups above posted dates are for the final round, for Qamar and Badar Atfal there will be one more round for Recitation, Poem and English Speech Competitions. The final round for these competitions will take inshAllah in the beginning of the final session/prize ceremony (30th August, 4pm EST). The list of qualifiers for these competitions will inshAllah be announced around the 20th August.


Top 3 Atfal in the final competition in each age category will receive prizes (Remote Control Toys). The winners will be announced inshAllah during a live zoom session with Mohtamim Atfal and/or Sadr MKA.



In case of any questions, write an email to



If regional Ijtema’at cannot be held for some reason this year, preference for participation at national Ijtema might be given to

  • those Atfal who perform well in the competitions in this challenge.


Majlis Atfalul Ahmadiyya USA is holding an Online National Taleem Challenge in June-Aug 2020. Atfal participating in the Challenge will have the possibility to compete in the following competitions:

Competitions in the following 4 age categories will be conducted separately:

Participating Atfal will upload video recordings, which will be evaluated offline by a panel of judges and the top 15 Atfal in each competition and age category will be invited for final live competition sessions on zoom. See more details below.



For the above mentioned 5 competitions and age categories the same syllabus and judging criteria will be used as advertised for the 2020 Atfal Ijtema, which is available for download here.