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Majlis Atfal-ul-Ahmadiyya USA

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2012 Regional Ijtema - Captial Metro

Majlis Khuddam ul Ahmadiyya Capital Metro Region held its 2012 annual Regional Ijtema in Woodbridge, VA last Sunday May 20, 2012. Alhmadulilah, it was a successful event with attendees including Khuddam/Atfal/and Ansar. The program started at 10:30am with opening ceremony conducted by National Motamid Haris Raja Sahib and Regional Qaid Hiba Rafiq Sahib. Following the session, Khuddam and Atfal separated to start the Taleem competitions. This included Tilawat, Nazm, Impromptu Speech, and English poem. After the competition we had lunch and prayers followed by an interactive Tarbiyyat session led by Haris Raja Sahib and Hibbi Iqbal Sahib, this was a very thought provoking session with many different views and opinions. Following this session, Khuddam and Atfal held Sports competitions, this included Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, 100m Race, and friendly game of Football. Overall, this Ijtema was a very fun and faith inspiring event that everyone will remember for years to come. 

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